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We want to share our passion for driving with you.

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We offer driving and improvement courses according to your needs and availability.
Vehicle driving course
  • Phase 1 – Prerequisite for a learner's licence
  • Phase 2 – Guided Driving
  • Phase 3 – Semi-guided Driving
  • Phase 4 – Semi-guided to independent driving
  • SAAQ exam
  • Book (Mandatory) available at our office $75.00 plus taxes
1st payment 237.13$
Taxes included
Refresher Practical Course
  • Number of lessons: 1 to 10 (optional and according to needs)
  • Duration of a lesson: 55 minutes
  • Prerequisite: valid driver's license
  • Learner's license and probationary license accepted
  • Contact the driving school to learn more about this course.***
plus taxes
Alfredo is an amazing driving teacher! He’s incredibly enthusiastic, calm and patient. I’ve had several driving teachers at different schools, and he was by far my favourite. The price is super-affordable. 2-hour block lessons really make sense, especially if you can’t get a lot of extra practice with friends & family.
ShanaFormer student